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Web Encoder - Version 1.02.01
Start of the Art .NET Technology

Protect Your Online Properties TODAY!

Did you know that your web site is NOT SAFE? 
Did you know that anyone can go to your web site, and 
  • copy your images
  • copy your text
  • copy your links
  • copy your source code
  • copy the entire page
  • copy the entire web site 

and then use YOUR web site contents for their own purposes?

You know how much time, energy and money it takes to create a unique and professional Web site. You also know how easy it is for your site visitors to copy your working achievement and reuse it as their own. This is called Web site plagiarism and it is a major concern. This applies everything within a Web page such as text, codes, links and graphics and so on. 

You need an effective, professional solution, and that's where Web Encoder fits in. Web Encoder helps you prevent other people from making unauthorized copies of your Web pages, or any part of them.

Web Encoder protects your Web pages, including HTML code, JavaScript, VBscript, text, links, and graphics. It encrypts your Web pages and makes it almost impossible for people to steal. Web Encoder also takes measures to further protect your Web site. It also disables the right mouse-lick, text selection, links display, IE6 Image Toolbar and the Smart Tags feature. 

Web Encoder works with all the JavaScript compatible browsers. The look and the functions of your web pages will NOT be affected in anyway.

Here are just some of the great features

Extremely Fast!
Extremely Easy!
Encode Single or Multiple Web pages.
Encode Entire Web Site Including Sub-directories.
Automatically save your Original Source Files.
Exactly same look and function as your original
Hide Source Code
Hide Link Properties
Hide Affiliate Links
Hide PayPal Destination URL
Save Page with no source code and images 

Six Options for you to have more control

Option Encode with or without the Header
Option to Disable Page Print
Option to Disable Offline View
Option to Disable Right Clicks
Option to Hide Status
Option to Disable Text Selection

Click Here to see a example of a web site protected by Web Encoder software.

Our Web Encoder software is developed with Microsoft's latest .Net Technology. It is the latest, fastest and most advanced Web page Protection software on the Internet today.

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